On the "GALLERY" and "SKETCHBOOKS" pages are is a selection of original artworks by Lance Lamb.  Many of  those paintings are done from the original on-site water-colour or pen sketches found among those on the "SKETCHBOOKS" page.

The "AVAILABLE" page shows a wide selection of paintings  currently available for sale.  

 Anne is a Master Certified Picture Framer, the highest level of certification within the world-wide Professional Picture Framing Association.  She is able to undertake a wide range of framing applications, including:

  • Works on paper   Paintings, photographs, certificates/documents, 
  • Paintings on canvas​  Oils, acrylics, Giclée prints stretched to support media
  • Needlework  Skillfully attached to support media prior to framing
  • Objects  Shells, watches, coins, stamps, collectors pieces
  • Repair  Replace or repair damaged frames or broken glass
  • Preservation Framing  using archival methods and materials

About Us



 The gift of art runs in my family: I recall seeing my grandfather’s drawings and water- colour paintings years back, and  now see this gift in several of my children, and grandchildren. 

After working for more than 36 years in the Australian Customs Service in Brisbane and coastal ports from Gladstone to Broome I took early retirement in 1994 to devote myself to painting professionally.  I have won prizes in competitions over the years and have had nineteen successful solo exhibitions, and receive invitations to enter joint exhibitions. 

I work mainly with pen and ink, and watercolour, with occasional forays into oils, acrylics, or mixed media.  My preferred subjects are landscapes, seascapes and old buildings, the latter being the subject of many of my commissions. 




Picture framing is my third career.  First was registered nurse and midwife back in the days when by law you had to resign upon marriage.  My second career was as wife and mother of five plus two long term foster children. But my third career, for the last twenty years, is equally satisfying.

When I started at Queensland TAFE the Certificate III in Picture Framing was only a few years old.  So began my training and it hasn’t stopped.  The professional association, trade publications, trade show and other functions run by suppliers all continue it.   Learning as much as possible is a necessity as new research, materials, methods and technology arise.  That is why I tackled the TAFE certificate III, the Certified Picture Framer test and most recently, the Master CPF test, the most demanding of knowledge and skill.

I enjoy picture framing and the challenges presented by different framing jobs.  There is more variety of things being brought to the framer these days which keeps framing interesting.  I enjoy them all.


 Please use the button below for further information about paintings, or if  you would like Anne to attend to any of your framing requirements:  .